The Book of Love and Fear is coming!

Past: In 2013 I launched the very first Month of Love on blogspot with about 20 of my artist friends.  We committed to making art every day for the month, pushed and challenged ourselves and had had an amazing time. A few months later I switched the format to weekly, invited a bunch more people and the Month of Fear was born.

Present: 3 years later: We’ve changed platforms, welcomed many more artists from around the world, created hundreds of new works of art and won several collective awards with the resulting art. It’s time to celebrate our dedication and growth with a book collecting the best of our first few years. 

Future: In 2016, we plan to launch a Kickstarter to fund this book. We have the art, we have the designers, we even have some new content from the artists. All that’s left is putting everything together in a beautiful package, running the numbers and then inviting all of YOU to help us get this book born! 

JOIN! More details will be coming soon. But until then, please subscribe to our mailing list for updates on this project. I promise you won’t be spammed, you might even get some awesome super secret insider fun! Your support and participation are instrumental to this becoming a success.  You can also follow us on on Tumblr at:

Thank you with all my Love and and my Fear,

Kristina Carroll

Questions? Email: bookofloveandfear (at)