I am very happy to share my newest painting. This piece was made to be a two page spread for Michael Kaluta and Elaine Lee's groundbreaking space-opera comic, Starstruck, currenlty in re- release from IDW. The updated book is made all shiny with brand new drawings and covers by Michael, additional words by Elaine and some beautiful color-work by Lee Moyer. These are some of my favorite people in the industry and I was so honored to be asked to take part in their baby.

The short story behind this piece is that it depicts the murder of Sambo Thrace-Smith, the worst playwrite in the universe by Kettle Black, leader of the Guernican Art Squad. To get the full story, you need to go buy issue #10 of Starstruck. But really you should buy them ALL. Because they're really, really good and unlike anything else you've ever read.