Month of Love

In February I organized a daily art challenge that included 20 amazing artists. Every day (except Sunday) was "love" themed art with a mix of free-style and detailed challenges. The Month of Love turned out to be a great exercise with some truly amazing art resulting from everyone, especially considering we rarely spent more than an hour on each piece. There is a ton of beautiful art up there- hundreds of pieces in fact and I urge you to go marvel at what these artist can do in such a short time. Here are some of my favorite pieces I came up with:

"Love Song Shuffle" Challenge:
 Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones
"Love is Blind" Challenge:
Freestyle Sunday - - Blue
Neverending Story Love - The Childlike Empress
Cat Tryst
Favorite Mug/Caffeine Love
I love my job - life sketch of James Gurney at NHIA demo
"Mating Rituals" Challenge:
"I love you guys" - Portrait of the MoL artists challenge
Jeanine Henderson (who designed our layout)

Below is one of my favorite challenges. It was a multiple day challenge leading up to Valentines Day and was meant to  be an autobiographical love story. I chose my first "boyfriend". Here is the full story:

In 6th grade Chris started walking me home from school and became my first boyfriend.

Chris and I talked on the phone a few times.

He even came over once to play on my jungle-gym with me.

When he gave me a big, purple ring from a cracker-jack box, I knew it was serious. I mean, our names were sort of the same so it was clearly meant to be.

Then one day, I waited for Chris to meet me after school and he didn't show up.  I was a little bit worried but convinced myself that he was just sick or something. However when I called his house later, he wasn't home and he didn't meet me the day after that either...

Later that week, I found out he had been walking Misty Powell home from School. He was no longer my boyfriend.

- The End -
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